Diversity at EXP Realty-It Runs Deep

Dated: February 12 2021

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I can list so many things I love about EXP, I am telling you, it is an exciting ride to be on right now.  The one that resonated with me today is this. 

The diversity of agents that you can align with is AH-mazing to say the least. You never have to feel as if you are on an island alone. However-YOU, yes you, need to PLUG in. 

I am not only talking about surrounding yourself with the best REO agents, Luxury Agents, Commercial Agents. What I am talking about runs so much deeper. I am talking about meeting agent across the Globe that you can commiserate with. As an agent with EXP Realty, I can brainstorm and work with agents in my local area, in NJ, in California, even Australia, and South Africa. 

Agents are given the opportunity to align with others. EXP Realty is committed to diversity, equity, belonging and inclusion for agents and staff through its initiative, ONE EXP. It supports exp’s culture by embracing differences, promoting equality and mutual respect, and providing a space where everyone has a voice and the opportunity to succeed. 

We have a program called Workplace, its run just like Facebook groups, you can have any questions answer with a quick search. Want an idea for a new promotion, someone will be willing to help. 

I know I mention Brian Buffini in almost every one of my video, can you tell I have enormous respect for him. He has stated before the beautiful thing about real estate is there is no limits on what you can become, the only limits are those you place on yourself. And EXP is a platform to do so. We have workplace groups for everyone. Some examples include exp Power Girls with thousands of members, Black EXP Network, they are currently celebration Black History Month with speakers and influential events every single Wednesday in the month of February in the Rosa Parks Auditorium. which is in the World, which is our virtual meet up space. We also have, Veterans & Current Military, Groups by States, exp Pride Network, there are groups that focus on the Law of Attraction, Referral Groups, State Groups to ask any state related questions, there are even groups for Realtors how have been in the busines over 10 years, Stealing the MEME, funny social media posts…so as you can see it goes from the Serious to the Mindless and everything in between.

I hope you understand this is so much more than “training” it is truly being in proximity with amazing trainers and coaches and agents that have been there and done that and now have decided to give back all they have learned to continue to help elevate the industry. 

If you want to learn how to make videos, learn how to negotiate, use Facebook for referrals, if you want to learn how to work your sphere of influence there is a group. The possibilities and training opportunities are endless. And the best part is that you can do so much of it on your own schedule. You can build your business to be anything you want it to be and if you plug in, you will have agents behind you. I have a group of agents that I have been able to align with that have helped elevate my professional standard and my personal standard, as well. They are givers and go-getters who have a passion for not only helping their clients, but making their communities better and valuing their friends and families. Also-taking care of themselves. We may be a force to be reckoned with, but we are also gentle and I truly believe your vibe attracts your tribe. You can't pour from an empty cup.

With a traditional brokerage you have the opportunity to align only with those in close geographical proximity to you, nothing said for experience, backgrounds or goals. 

It is like your neighbors or childhood friends. There may be areas where you have commonalties and differences, but you are very limited to that small sphere that you are in. Does that make sense. That is where the Beauty of EXP comes into play.

Agents pay top dollar for coaches and programs and as a part of the network you gain proximity to TOP trainers. I would love to invite you to attend one of those meetings as my guest. There is no pressure, you will not be singled out and sent to a room to speak with anyone about your future aspirations. I would love to speak with you and answer any more questions you may have.  

It is always smart to know your options as a professional. Please like my video and share. Be sure to subscribe for more content on both how to grow your real estate business and more info on the Great Tampa Bay Area.

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Diversity at EXP Realty-It Runs Deep

I can list so many things I love about EXP, I am telling you, it is an exciting ride to be on right now.  The one that resonated with me today is this. The diversity of agents that you can

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