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Dated: January 11 2021

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Florida has 29 Registered Clothing Optional Clubs in the State, we have many of them in our backyard in Land O Lakes including the oldest, Lake Cuomo, which was founded in 1941 and Caliente a High-End Destination Resort. Did you know that Pasco County has become known as the “Nudist Capital of US.” There was even a show on TLC a few years back called “Buying Naked”

Today we are going to focus on Caliente. Now, when I moved here over 15 years from New York, I had reached out to the Chamber of Commerce and received a brochure for Caliente, my hubby and I were excited, since in my past life I had been in Sales & Marketing for Hotels. It seemed like it would be a great opportunity to get a job close to home. Then we saw the fine print on the back of the Brochure that it was Clothing optional and realized that wasn’t the right fit. Now, fast forward a few years and we were knee deep in the Great Recession and I did actually get a part time job at the Front Desk of Caliente.  Now, before you get any wild ideas in your head, I was never Nude, the only question for my job interview, was, does your husband know you are here, ha. That only lasted for a New York minute.


Did you know Caliente is a 24 hour Guard Gated community that has approximately 112 residences including Single Family Homes, Villas, Condos and Manufactured Homes that range in price from $128,000 to $650,000. Depending on the property type the additional monthly fees will vary as well.

Now, in order to purchase a property in Caliente you do need to be approved by the HOA & owners and belong to the membership. According to Calientes Website the memberships range from $1200 a year for preferred single female, $2600 for a couple and $3000 a year for a Preferred Single Male.  They even have Snowbird Memberships.  

Currently there are 9 Active properties ranging from $119,000-$379,000. The $119 property is a Mobile Home, otherwise known as a Casita. According to the listing information Owners can lease on their own for more than 6 months, All short term rentals must go through Caliente Resort Rental Management.

The amenities include pools, hot tub, outdoor bars, tennis & pickleball courts, sand & water volleyball, a fine dining restaurant, gym, fitness and day spa. And this isn’t just any pool, it is as if you are in a Caribbean Resort in Caliente. Many people choose to visit Caliente as a vacation location for a quick trip as opposed to heading to Jamaica or Mexico for similar options, since Caliente is considered more of a Lifestyle location as opposed to the Family Friendly, American Association for Nude Recreation location it once was. No one under 21 in the common areas. This could be a good investment for a SnowBird or Vacation home if this lifestyle is for you. They have events daily such as pickleball open play, water aerobics, yoga, tennis . They also have different options for evening activities such as piano bar or themed events such as Super Heros & Villains, Touchdown Parties with DJs. So when you buy in Caliente, you truly don’t need to leave, it is as if you are on vacation every day!

If you have any questions about purchasing a property in Caliente or any of the other Clothing Optional areas let me know and I am happy to assist you, with the utmost discretion. 

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Caliente-Tampa's High -End Clothing Option Community has 29 Registered Clothing Optional Clubs in the State, we have many of them in our backyard in Land O Lakes including the oldest, Lake Cuomo, which was founded

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