EXP Realty, why I joined

Dated: December 15 2020

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Why I joined EXP Realty

So it seems all the cool kids are doing it, so I thought it would be helpful for you to know why I joined exp Realty and give you a little bit of my back story. 

I got my RE license after 20 years in the Hotel industry, my Resort was hit by a hurricane and that was the catalyst that propelled me to make a major change that I had wanted for years, but frankly had no idea where to begin.

I was determined to pass immediately and did. I scheduled my state exam the day after my course exam having the goal to pass.

I had a few friends that were already realtors and I spoke to them about my decision, I actually asked for their blessings and they were incredibly supportive. One of them offered that I join the brokerage she was at and so I met with the broker and immediately knew why she was drawn to him. 

Completely invested in his community and honest and giving, it was where I needed to be. It was the right move for me, my friend was generous with her knowledge as well as the other realtors in the office and especially the brokers. However, it wasn’t “home” I knew I needed a change…really I had worked and commuted and wasted precious time for so many years, that, the though of having to drive into the office for comradery or advice or collaborating became very exhausting very quickly.

I mean I was growing a business and attending every “networking” event I could find, growing my professional sphere of influence while still holding tight to what is dearest to me, my husband and kids. It felt like I was getting on the same hamster wheel where Jon and the kids where home in the evening and I was getting home after them, exhausted. I need a change and Jon is wonderful at research, I think he might now more about exp than Jason Gessing or Glenn Sanford. I kid…but seriously, we started doing a lot of research together and I started calling realtors and brokers I had met to talk about their experiences and working with my coach on being very intentional. 

Bob had me put a list together and do research on the MLS or locations I wanted to work and the price point we were targeting of homes I wanted to sell to see if there was an overwhelming Brokerage that dominated and what we can up with was a big No. He was really surprised, he thought for sure a big name brand would matter and it didn’t. I even searched the highest end homes and it didn’t matter there either. So I confirmed what I had thought to be true, it is the business sense, personality and drive of the actual realtor that makes all the difference. As Brian Buffini says, (if you don’t know him look him up)Real estate is one of the most inclusive, fair wage, non-discriminatory industries because anyone can make it in real estate, you reap what you sow.

I digress…so I even checked out exp a few months before making the move and wasn’t impressed, but I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I don’t believe in coincidence, had I joined then, I may be telling a very different story.

Fast forward to Feb and I was ready to make the move. I was looking for a tech solution and a place to grow my business. So as I had researched brokerages a few months earlier, I started researching exp agents in my area. I pull an MLS on producing agents and then did a social media search. I found someone that I had never met, but felt a connection to and wanted to know better, because what I saw her doing, was what I was aiming for. So I do what all sales people hate to do, I cold called her, well text…she responded and 3 hours later we had a call set for the next day. 3 days later we grabbed a cup of coffee..now I will tell you, I was not totally sold on exp, but Jon was and happy hubby happy life, right.

But he usually knows what he is talking about, he pursued me, right. 

So I went for it, speaking with my broker was tough, he was so kind and cared about my family, but I knew I needed to make the call for my family and the possibility of making over 100% and purchasing stock at a discount was not something I could pass up. Agent attraction wasn’t something I was interested in at all. I wanted to be a realtor and have the tools and technology to be the best realtor I could be, so…I joined. I doubled my business since joining and have totally drank the cool-aid.  Real Estate isn’t rocket science, but it is hard, it is emotional and exhausting and amazing and rewarding and everything all rolled into one. If I can share this and help others begin to reap the rewards, have a retirement exit strategy heck, even take a vacation without worrying about their business that’s amazing!

I realize that agent attraction is just that, attracting agents who want more and see the value, it is such an incredibly compelling model I want to share it with others, as it is changing lives and for doing exactly what we do every day, being Realtors.

I have found a group of realtors and have leaned in to our Workplace tool and trainings and feel at home. I have no problem walking into the world, having a meeting with a broker, accounting or whomever I might need. 

I am making connections all over the country with realtors that want to grow and elevate the industry. I think your sponsor is important, however, you need to lean in and take it in. It doesn’t matter to me what brokerage you are with, you are a business owner, own it.

If you want to know about the model and numbers there are plenty of presentations out there if you want to learn more, reach out. Seriously, text me 813-767-3248. 

I would love to zoom or show you around the world. 

Thank you for taking your time!

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